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It provides an automated link to federal databases to help employers determine employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their Social Security numbers.While its usage remains voluntary throughout the country, some states have passed legislation making its use mandatory for certain businesses.States Requiring the use of E-Verify (Descriptions of each state below) Find Businesses Already Using the E-Verify Database Questions and Answers about E-Verify FACT SHEET: E-Verify Alabama HB 56 (Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act) - Passed in 2011, HB 56 is regarded as many as the nation's toughest immigration enforcement law passed at the state level.HB 56 requires all businesses, public and private, to begin using E-Verify by April 2012.Congress can turn off the jobs magnet by enacting the mandatory E-Verify program, an internet-based system allowing instant verification of the legal status of job applicants.

The USCIS Verification Division reported that over 16,000 E-Verify compliance letters were issued in Fiscal Year 2010.Arizona, long considered ground zero in the fight against undocumented immigration, was the first state to mandate that all employers use E-Verify beginning in 2008.Several other states have started requiring the use of the verification system in some manner since then, including Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina.The problem is, our laws against unlawful employment are not enforced– in fact, they are unenforceable without major changes and improvements.The easy availability of unlawful employment is the giant magnet motivating millions of illegal aliens to cross our borders unlawfully.

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