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Do you know about the "minor" Glyph of Intimidating Shout? Unfortunately, using intimidating should was much like throwing a large rock into a pond. Old time players have a love/hate relationship with Intimidating Shout--it was great back in LBRS--because it could buy your party the time it needed to kill some nasty pull.In world of warcraft, im a gnome, level 64, main spec fury, warrior.(second spec is arms) Now, for some reason, even with amazing armor ( w/ good stamina and strength, helmet is atleast 600 or more armor itself, sword and shield the same), i still take alot of damage for some reason. In world of warcraft, im a gnome, level 64, main spec fury, warrior.You may pull points away from them as you see fit, as discussed below.)There are a lot of viable options to spend those remaining 13 points.Here's a quick breakdown of most of them, along with with example builds depending on what theme you decide to emphasize: Example Ao E / Trash Focused Spec: Wo W Talent Calculator - Sigrie Example Hybrid Spec: Wo W Talent Calculator - Sigrie If you want a general purpose tanking spec which you can use as an alternate for a DPS spec, you'll probably want something resembling the above. Note: A single Rend application is only worth using on a 30%-bleed debuffed single target if it ticks at least four times. Never refresh an existing Rend -- always wait for it to run its full duration or else you lose the initial application tick.

If you're down 1/6 of your health, that's fine, just run up to the next target and Victory Rush them.After that, it relies only on spell names to determine if an aura should be displayed.Since the rake stun and the bleed share the same name, this addon will show stun for feral druids is currently tracking the dot itself.Welcome everybody to another of many exceptionally detailed pvp guides. It's very useful in situations where the enemy is team is stacked on top of each other, or is going to be using alot of CC on you. (World Pv P, BG's, RBG's, Arena.): You can play bloodbath against rogues in 2s, if they are sitting on your healer. : Anger management gives you stuns more often, your lvl 90 talent more often, reck more often, and die by the sword more often depending on your uptime. Glyphs are very important to maximising our characters potential.This guide is brought to you by Smexxin, a Multi-R1 Warrior. :-Against some compositions, teams will try to kill you and CC your healer. You will find yourself needing to change your glyph setup based on the comps you play and face.

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Smexxin has played at the highest level of arena throughout many expansions and is considered to be one of the top warriors of all time. : - You can play slam as arms, if you need to not break cc with your whirlwind. Safeguard becomes useless if you can’t use it on others, so it’s best to use MSR to try and eat some of that CC. (World Pv P, BG's, RBG's, Arena.): Vigilance is used VERY rarely against teams that can kill my healer in less than 30 seconds. : Avatar increases all your damage by 20%, which makes your hard hitting abilities hit REALLY hard. Below is an explanation of what glyphs you should use and why.

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