Mentor services provides counselling to quickly resolve work related issues and improve workplace relationships.

, founded in 1922, is a historic mission run by the United Church of Christ.

This grant-funded, intermittent position is in the Community Services Employment and Training Department.

Salary Grade: MSParticipants perform tasks within the Adult Work Experience Program (AWEP) in a Pima County department in order to gain work experience that will aid them in finding other long-term employment.

They all grew up with Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN).

The funny thing about CEN is that it leaves you with a particular set of challenges.

But in some situations, those challenges can actually become your strengths.

Have the ability to speak and write basic English as defined by PCCED. : Valid driver license is required at time of application.

The folks who are the most rewarded by, and successful in, their jobs are strong communicators.

They know themselves well, and they pay attention to what they are feeling and why.

If you have ever been in one of the situations above, you know how it feels.

Barry, Francesca, and Elizabeth are in painful situations in their jobs, while Sharon, Simon and Will are thriving in theirs.

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Once a child has been attracted to an activity, and has begun to concentrate, the adult respects this choice and concentration and does not interrupt.

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