Yashica camera dating at bamyan in afghanistan predating european

I spent an unnecessarily large amount of time covering their history in my review for the Vito II so rather than repeat a large amount of that information here, I encourage you to read the first part of the Vito review if you want to know more.For this review, I’ll skip to the beginning of the 20th Century when Voigtländer showed significant interest in building their own cameras, rather than just primarily being a lens maker.A mate of mine got this for me at a yard sale recently as he knows I collect old cameras, and the owner threw it in for free because he bought a few other things.It’s a Minolta AL 35mm rangefinder camera dating from sometime in the sixties.For further information see The Living Image and Olympus 35mm Rangefinder Cameras.Rangefinder focusing became common in the 1950s and remained popular until being largely replaced by the fourth focusing method, autofocus which begin with the Konica C35 AF in November 1977.It also had a neat wind knob that would automatically put the camera into rewind mode when it was raised.

The focusing is smooth and the viewfinder is quite bright (not as bright as my Leicas, but good for a fixed lens camera from this era).

A surprisingly long Fern-Achromat TE-N/PL 16/925mm f/16 has been sold by Auction Breker Köln on 01/10/2005.

It was mounted on a reflex housing looking like the Astro Identoskop.

Today some merchants convert old and rare lenses into Leica mount.

Please do not include these converted lenses in the list.

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