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It would be nice to have the ability to be connected to more than 1 voice chat server at a time.

At the moment, joining another voice chat server will disconnect you from any currently connected voice chat servers.

If you do not have a lot of viewers, you will probably not be in the need of a bot – consider expanding your viewership and getting a bot when it becomes a necessity, for example, if spammers keep posing a problem, or people keep asking the same questions over and over, that is a definite sign you want a bot.

Be careful with repeated commands however, if you are in a channel with 5 viewers and a bot keeps posting social media info every 2 minutes, that just gets obnoxious as time passes on.

Would love to see a post about direct/indirect pick ups specifically at the gym.

But here is the question to the community of Play Canvas: Have you tried Type Script? I want to know so that I can bail out of this before I am in too deep.Don’t Reply to Every Text Straight Away Most people like if you reply within a reasonable amount of time, but if you stop everything you are doing to reply to a text every time you get one, the other person will start thinking you’ve got nothing going on in your life.Whilst it’s nice to get into a proper texting conversation with someone, where both of you reply straight away, when you receive the first text, or aren’t into the conversation yet, take your time.For very small channels, with low amount of viewers, a bot is not necessary.Having a bot in a channel that is live once a week and averages 3 viewers just wastes resources on the bot- and chat servers.

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Empty channels tend to stay empty unless 1 person joins.

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