Cosmogenic nuclide dating

Research Interests: Evolution of mobile genetic elements/ transposons: mechanisms of transposition and control, modifications of function in transposase homologs, Genomic and proteomic analysis of transposases and transposase homologs.

Research Interests: Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in research Laboratories, Global Quality regulations, US, UK, Europe, Japan and India, Global Quality and Regulatory compliance of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries Research Interests: Performance monitoring of closed-loop systems, Sensor placement for state estimation in dynamic systems, Design, modeling and optimization approaches in basic droplet based microfluidic devices.

Research Interests: Computer architecture and systems, emerging non volatile memory technologies technologies, processing in/near memory, memory and storage system design for big-data workloads, workload characterization Research Interests: Understanding Late Quaternary climate change, geomorphic processes, landscape evolution and tectonic processes through integrated studies involving cosmogenic radionuclide dating recent and past climatic records, remote sensing, numerical modelling observations. Research Interests: Solid state sensors for odour, colour and chemical profiling for food and wine industries, Silicon ICs, III-V HEMTs, HBTs and MMICs – process development, device characterization and reliability studies, Three dimensional interconnects, High-temperature superconducting transformer applications Surface electromyography, Night vision systems using infra-red photo detectors Research Interests: Indus Valley Civilization and Archaeology, Typo-technological study, Modelling, Simulation and experimentation of lithic materials and anthropology, Cognitive neuroscience and psychology.

​Research Interests: Pathways of contamination in Freshwater System, Build-up and Washoff of Micro & Emerging pollutants, Sources of the urban pollution and sustainability of urban water cycle under changing climate regime, Development of pollution assessment tools, remediation technique and management Research Interests: Ca? Research Interests: Ethnography of Mozambique, Ethnography of India, Ethnicity and cultural identity, Postcolonialism, Subaltern studies, Space and territoriality, Space and social codification, Development anthropology.

Many of these processes occur so rapidly and unexpectedly that they have daunting consequences.

To constrain the timing of the retreat of this ice, we are using a technique known as cosmogenic nuclide dating.

I collected the samples in the field in 20: Having collected the samples in the field and received funding to run them, I went up to the Scottish Universities Environmental Reserach Centre (SUERC) laboratories in East Kilbride to start the process!

As 10-Beryllium and 26-Aluminium preferentially build up in quartz, the aim of the first week was to crush down the samples and extract as pure quartz as we could.

This provides an ideal method for determining when a glacier retreated from a region, hence exposing the ground beneath.

Technological developments in the last few decades have allowed more precise measurements of their concentration in terrestrial rock samples and this dating technique is becoming increasingly popular.

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Here is an example of a Be-10/Ne-21 two-nuclide diagram from one of my papers: Here I have put Ne-21 (the longer-lived nuclide) on the x-axis and the Be-10/Ne-21 ratio on the y-axis. I think no matter what the nuclides involved, you should always do it the same way as is commonly done for Al-26/Be-10 diagrams, so that burial goes down.

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