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Get more for your money with the TURTLE BEACH® RECON CHAT headset for Xbox One.

Lightweight and reversible, the RECON CHAT features Turtle Beach's Specs Fit glasses friendly design with a unique open ear-cup that lets you hear game audio from the TV or home theater system, a high-sensitivity mic and large 40mm speaker, and convenient in-line controls for Mic Mute and Chat Volume.

As for the listening part, they'll have to not use a headset and just use speakers on the TV.

Alternatively, you can buy audio jack splitters (that work the same way as power splitters) that can send the same sounds to two (wired) headsets.

I just wanted to note that if this is on the Xbox One, you can create a second Gold-enabled account for free.The debit card things is scary[quote] Any reason why you don't mention the PS EYE PS4 camera is also ALWAYS ON unless you turn it off exactly the same as Kinect? The debit card things is scary It's like this with the playstation camera as well. sometimes you can hear people even when you're in a party chat.I don't need to hear another set of distorted gunshots and explosions over the actual sfx, it's so annoying. It seems to be a bug with BF4 (shocking I know) as I haven't noticed it on other games. It's like this with the playstation camera as well. sometimes you can hear people even when you're in a party chat.Just be aware that even though this says Xbox One S on it, you'll still need to buy the additional adaptor to make it work (which isn't mentioned on this page). I've bought this product only to find out later that this i a kinect for an xbox one and not an xbox one receipt says xbox one s kinect sensor and the box says xbox one kinect sensor were advised by a rep in store that this is the right product for my xbox one s it is not ,and now it will cost me another 50-60 bucks to get an adapter.spoke to Microsoft and they told me that their is no kinect for the xbox one s told me that the rep mislead me into something he is not fully knowledgeable about. Microsoft, don't label your product for something if you're not going to be able to use it!!!!!!!! Without an adaptor (not included in box) the Kinect WILL NOT WORK with the XBOX One S!Don't buy this product if you have an xbox one s it would not work without an special adapter. Without the adaptor por proper end to actually be able to use it with the Xbox One S!!!! There is no "Kinect port" on a One S, only USB ports so , again, you NEED an adaptor.

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geez relax.terms of use is only stating you should not expect any sort of privacy from xbox live that hasnt changed.have the right to see whats on their servers.

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  1. I have removed all items from the calendar and allowed it to resync, same issue. As far as I can remember, OWA is pulling the same info that Outlook would, so there shouldn't be any reason for the two to show different things.