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How can I find upcoming related Nigerian or African events anywhere in the world? Great concept for Nigerians and Africans around the world. Popoola, Mojisola Oluwakemi Tin Popoola, Mojisola Tinuola Popoola, Nigerian Scammer Arrested, Nigerian scammers, Olusegun Charles Ogunseye, Olusola Olla, Scammers Arrested, Tunde Popoola, Victor Oyewumi Oloyede, Yinka O.Awolaja How To Question Scammers Scammer Interrogation Techniques You Should Know (And Why Not All of Them Work) When a scammer is questioned about a scam, it is a pretty good assumption that the criminally-inclined will [...]Tags: Catching Scammer Lies, Fake People Online, fraudster, Ghana Romance Scams, How To Question Scammers, Lying Scammers, Nigerian scammers, Romance Scams, Scammer Interrogation Techniques, Scammers Tell Lies, Sweetheart scams Psychology of Scams The emotional traps to watch out for Criminals are using age-old techniques to manipulate the way we think and act, leaving us vulnerable to scams. App also allows you to become a blogger and add your own announcements.

Biafra represented nationalist aspirations of the Igbo people, whose leadership felt they could no longer coexist with the Northern-dominated federal government.

So where ever you live, you can patrotize a local Naija or African Restaurant.

I live in Maryland USA and wanted to find a Naija Restaurant close to me. I world never have know there were so many Nigerian and African restaurants near me. I will advise restaurant owner to add their stores.

The blockade imposed during the ensuing stalemate led to severe famine—accomplished deliberately as a war strategy.

This famine entered world awareness in mid-1968, when images of malnourished and starving children suddenly saturated the mass media of Western countries.

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