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DMI's interest and penalty software is a single product solution for federal and state interest computations, including global interest netting.

Summary This Interpretation of Accounting Research Bulletin No.

Although it is reasonably possible that a significant change in the balance of unrecognized tax benefits may occur within the next twelve months, at this time it is not possible to estimate the range of the change due to the uncertainty of the potential outcomes.

At March 31, 2009, such proposed adjustments would not result in a material change to AIG’s consolidated financial condition, although it is possible that the effect could be material to AIG’s consolidated results of operations for an individual reporting period.The traditional ARB 51 approach assumed that equity - usually common stock - would receive the residual economic interest generated by a business, which is why ARB 51 focuses on equity-based majority voting interests.The traditional criterion for a controlling financial interest under ARB 51 is a majority voting interest.DMI's Tax Position Manager (TPM) software application is an affordable solution that streamlines and automates the management and reporting of all tax positions including agreed adjustments, adjustments under audit and UTPs on a foreign, federal, state and local level, and their related interest calculations, for all tax types.TPM will eliminate spreadsheets for tracking, calculating, and reporting purposes, and provide a level of business continuity that saves a tremendous amount of time and mitigates compliance risk providing efficiency and peace of mind to a corporation's tax department and executives.

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