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I’m sure many of us who are single want to use this season wisely—but how? The big wedding day, honeymoon, and family that you envision for your life may come . Check your heart now so that you can avoid that pitfall later. The Bible tells us to guard our heart, not to follow our heart. You’ll still be able to do those things if and when you get married, but you just won’t be as flexible as you are right now. Doesn't God already know the future of your life? Thriving in singleness happens by fixing your eyes on the One who is sinless.

How can we enjoy our singleness without wasting it? Grumbling is not going to suddenly bring Prince Charming (or, as in my case, Princess Jasmine) to your side. Lewis wisely said, “God would not have anyone waiting unless he saw it was good for them to wait." You're not waiting on accident. Is your desire to be with someone healthy or idolatrous? Firmly guard your heart from worldliness, idols, and desiring a spouse too badly, but you can still be open to who the Lord may have for you in your life, even right now. Isn't he working all things out in your life for your good and his glory? Trust God’s providence and that his purposes will come to pass in your life. Look to Jesus to be your source of joy, hope, purpose, and meaning.

Here, in the first, we share our summary observations.

Our respondents were eager to talk of the privilege and joy of serving the Lord.

Many single Christians all across the globe are wasting their singleness. By no means do I have all the answers to singleness, but I am well aware of the struggles and difficulties and blessings that singleness brings. You have no idea what's going to happen to you tomorrow let alone your future. A significant other is a good thing, but it becomes a bad thing when you turn it into a god thing. This might sound obvious, but we all could use a reminder.

The road can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be joyless. Instead of placing your ultimate hope in a spouse, place your ultimate hope in the perfect life, death, and resurrection of our Savior. Making anything more important to you than God is idolatry and I've seen many Christians make an idol of their boyfriend or girlfriend once they start dating. Being single, you probably have more free time right now than you will ever have in any other season of life. Instead, use it wisely by spending intentional time in Scripture and prayer, serving your Church and community, growing in your career, learning new trades, reading books, building healthy friendships, and potentially serving in overseas missions. We forget this often so we need to be reminded daily. In fact, your desire to be married is not incidental.

I am a sucker for good seafood but am just as happy eating an occasional hot dog while sitting by a campfire. "Rather than taking the approach that you need to take the truth out to people who need it, adopt the approach that you need to go find the truth that others have and you are missing. For others sadness and a feeling of incompleteness. The Church can unconsciously discriminate against single people by sponsoring mostly "couples only" events, inviting "families" to bring up the gifts, or seeing singles as the pool from which to draw helpers to complete tasks nobody else wants to do. It is true that much is said about married life, children, teenagers and other groups within the Church, but not much about single people. Single people come in all age ranges, from the 20's through old age. Let's explore together how we can make the very best out of those years as happy, fulfilled and Christian people. Before we were put together in our mother's womb, God knew us. Not all single folks are called to a Vocation of priesthood or consecrated life. Sometimes there is a perception that we cannot be happy or fulfilled while we are single. As it becomes more normal to marry later in life and as we live longer, most of us will spend a substantial number of years living as single people.

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Yet many Christian singles struggle with this ‘gift’.

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