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“Which means as opposed to a more casual dating relationship, we really want to honor the Lord and be very intentional about how we move forward.”The couple met last May and then went on a mission trip together.“It was there that I really saw his heart and really admired his character,” Duggar says in the clip.

Though the announcement came out in November last year when the two made their relationship public, fans could sense that they had been together for longer.

However, she also had some special advice for her new brother-in-law."When you don't understand why she's crying, that's okay," she said.

"Just rub her back or something."While the Duggar family, who became popular on the hit TLC reality television show "19 Kids and Counting," has known Forsyth for some time it may have come as a surprise that he wanted to officially become a part of their family."I think two years ago we wouldn't have guessed this would be a thing.

All of the Duggar children have names that start with the letter “J.” Michelle and Jim Bob chose to keep everyone’s names in this pattern after they named their first three kids with “J” names. The kids in the family love to test new guests on their names for fun.

When Jessa’s husband Ben Seewald was first courting Jessa, all the younger Duggar sibling quizzed Ben on their names, and he got them all right!

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“We’re happy to announce that we are officially courting!

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