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There will also be tributes to the many legendary DJ's who braved the sea as well as the Navy to create a whole new pop music sound: Tony Blackburn, Ed Stewart.

The new campaign will also see the introduction of regular Friday night matches, with United set to be the first team to compete in such a fixture when they take on Southampton at Old Trafford on 19 August.

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Star Pirate Radio DJ Tom Edwards presents an evening of music from the Golden Era of Radio when the BBC was ignoring pop music and the Pirates ruled the airwaves. He was on Radio City in the Thames Estuary in 1966, being on board when the Shivering Sands Fort was 'invaded' over a transmitter dispute and at the time of the shooting dead of Radio City boss – Reg Calvert, in the same dispute.

Many believe that it was this lawlessness amongst the 'pirates' which did more than anything to hasten the 1967 Marine Offences Act after which the offshore stations became illegal.

Tom later joined Radio Caroline South off the coast of Frinton-on-Sea where he worked with the likes of Tommy Vance, Tony Blackburn, Robbie Dale and Johnnie Walker.

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Like many other pirate DJ's he has also had spells on Radio 1 and 2 as they sought to recapture the success of the Pirates in the 1970's and 80's.

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