Trust device for consolidating industry

Regardless of security, the multiple identities simply makes compliance activities difficult.

In overseas markets, vigorous and sustained demand is anticipated in such countries as China, where large-scale electric power development projects leveraging that nation's abundant water resources are in progress, as well as in Latin America and India.

One of the best ways to achieve easier account management is to hold just one personal account.

Competition within the telecommunications industry is fueling mergers and acquisitions, albeit at a slower pace than in years past.

One way or another, the result is that a user has a number of different identities across these various devices and applications. The IT admin needs to track which resources need separate control.

This is more than just tedious; it’s a security risk. Perhaps a user who should not be on the network still has access somewhere.

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There were 269 telecom mergers in 2015, down 11.5 percent from the 304 mergers that took place in 2014 and off 20 percent from the 339 in 2013.

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