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The season itself was released on DVD as a four disc set on November 18, 2008, by Disney DVD.

Certain individual episodes had been released earlier on other Hannah Montana DVDs.

Eventually the writers decided to use the real first name of the star, Miley Cyrus. She tries to keep the fact that she is Hannah Montana a secret but has told several people during the duration of the series, such as Lilly, Oliver, Sienna, Jake, and Jesse. As Miley's father, he is also referred to as Hannah's father whenever they appear together publicly.

Her main love interests are Jake and Jesse, along with occasional crushes. Even though he does wear a fake mustache and a hat as a disguise, he does not use a fake name.

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The season's soundtrack was released on October 24, 2006 under the title Hannah Montana.As her alter ego, Hannah Montana, she secretly lives a double life as a famous pop star. She is like any other girl, facing challenges, but endures it with the help of family and friends. Robby Ray Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) is the widower father of Jackson and Miley Stewart.One of the concept names for her alter ego was Alexis Texas, but the writers learned there was an adult entertainer with the same name of Alexis Texas. He is also Hannah Montana's manager, who was a former country singer. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kesha The process led her on a journey of self-discovery and healing after being embroiled in lawsuits with producer Dr.Luke, preventing her from releasing new music until now. “I was alone and scared in rehab for an eating disorder that had gotten wildly out of control.

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Promotional photo of the Hannah Montana main characters from season one to three.

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