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Schools Superintendent Susan Bohn wrote to parents saying, ‘Fowlkes will not return to the school district.

The district is sending notice of the conduct to the State Board for Educator Certification.

Mother-of-one Rachel Peters, 40, who had been an assistant at the school for 17 years and had a daughter younger than the boy, was said to have committed a "gross breach of trust" by a judge at Doncaster Crown Court.

Peters was a respected member of staff at the Doncaster area school and taught younger staff the responsibilities of teaching assistants which included them being barred from having any contact with pupils outside school.

"It involved discussion of sexual matters," said Miss Goddard.

Passing sentence, Judge Gregory Dickinson QC told O'Neill, of Wollaton Vale, Nottingham: 'You demanded that these little children should suffer pain and degradation.'This is a case without parallel in the experience of all of us involved - police, counsel and judge.'Some of these ghastly events you recorded for repeat viewing.

Her affair with the 13-year-old boy came to light following a school trip when the boy was overheard speaking in a "sexualised" way and when questioned by a member of staff admitted having sex with "somebody called Rachel." When video-interviewed the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he had heard Peters talking to other pupils about being on Facebook and the MSNB messaging service and asked if he could join her Facebook.

She at first declined but they then began exchanging emails and would communicate by MSN frequently late at night.

Opening the facts of the case, prosecutor James Varley told the court: 'Mr O'Neill, a retired teacher, a bastion of the local church community and a Sunday school teacher, appeared to be a wholesome married father of two.'In fact, he had a dark side to him which he kept concealed - he was obsessed with the sexual exploitation of pre-pubescent girls.'O'Neill, who sat in the dock with his face and body angled away from court reporters and police officers in the public gallery, enjoyed the financial imbalance between him and his victims, the court heard.

The victims - aged between four and 15 - included some from families desperate for cash for medicine and hospital bills.

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Students who were interviewed for the investigation claimed they were unaware of any sexual activity between Whitaker and students.“At this point in the investigation we have two students that have been involved but we think there are possibly more,” he said.

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