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Laurel feels something very real for her, and is scared by it.

You can see the confusion and apprehension in Laurel’s face when she talks out her feelings with Camila. The Underdog competitor is quite confident in herself, and is toying with the idea that if she plays her cards right, she doesn’t have to choose.

Larry met Anna Nicole while attending the major Louisville-area Kentucky Derby party known as the Trish Barnstable Brown Gala in May 2004. Stern, Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer and reported lover, for her death.

After Smith died, Birkhead had to fight for the custody of his daughter, especially when many speculated that Birkhead was just a golddigger.

First of all, while Laurel and Cara Maria have been at odds in the past, they’ve been friends now for quite some time, and display a high level of respect for one another.

While two lesser women would start fighting over Nicole, Laurel and Cara Maria are not about that life.

Nicole lives in Detroit and Minneapolis with her son Ethan and two rescued dogs Max and Lucy. Besides being the host of two hit shows about interior designing and old houses renovation she is a licensed realtor.

Nicole states that her early life was not as interesting as of now but surely happy. The skill of reusing furniture and renovating is a gift that she learned from her parents in Detroit and later she developed it into her passion and career. Nicole Curtis graduated from Lake Orion High school in 1994 and started working in Hooters to join college.

Here's pictures of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce's GF to once again prove that being good looking, athletic and rich is the way to true American happiness. Travis previously chronicled his quest for love on a reality show called "Catching Kelce," and even though he fumbled there, he clearly made up for it in the non-reality-show-actual-life way. Curtis started to pursue her career in renovating old structures.Her first project was her own bedroom which was enough to give her the required confidence.She attended the different college of Michigan and Florida but leave it without completing it to open cleaning business.In her days as a waiter in Hooters, she had a chance to serve many CEO's and eavesdrop on them and gained some ideas.

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