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A juvenile gray whale was spotted extremely close to shore in Laguna Beach, California, before authorities were able to direct the beast out to sea.

“It was right in the kids’ swim area,” said 12-year-old whale watcher Nathan Good. It was a baby, and it was cute.” A group of six unidentified bugs were filmed walking in formation on the side of a house in Houston, Texas.

Many seniors find this type of "I'm watching you" technology to be an invasion of privacy, while others don't mind and even welcome the idea.

The Decorah Eagles are not given names in order to prevent viewers from regarding them as pets.

According to the Raptor Resource Project, "traditional names can create an undue tendency to anthropomorphize.

Ustream began hosting the video feed in 2011, although the live-cam was initiated in 2007, and was used to provide footage for the PBS Nature documentary "American Eagle'" released in 2008.

Viewers missed the 2013 season after the eagle couple built and moved to an alternate nest ("N2").

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