Validating xml with perl

Includes: -Default output: stdout Author: Lucas Brasilino Parse a file to a tree, use xml Doc Get Root Element() to get the root element, then walk the document and print all the element name in document order.Includes: Author: Aleksey Sanin and Daniel Veillard Demonstrate the use of xml Reader For File() to parse an XML file validating the content in the process and activating options like entities substitution, and DTD attributes defaulting.This module allows Perl programmers to make use of the highly capable validating XML parser and the high performance DOM implementation.

These powerful components simplify the process of creating, modifying, and parsing XML data documents.

And there's a lot of territory to cover because XML is getting into the most amazing places, and in the most amazing ways, these days.

XML is a language defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, the body that sets the standards for the Web, and this first chapter is all about getting a solid overview of that language and how you can use it.

In fact, XML is a metamarkup language because it lets you create your own markup languages.

Markup languages are all about describing the form of the document—that is, the way the content of the document should be interpreted.

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You can get the latest libxml2 version from Without libxml2 installed this module will neither build nor run.

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