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Is there anything more to be said on this important issue about counseling and its ethical, constructivist, multicultural, and postmodern aspects? 221) stated, "The debate has flourished since Ellis' 1996 article and promises to continue for a while longer." The present article will continue this debate--or I would rather say discussion--further. It will deal largely with Ginter's (1997) and Rigazio-Di Gilio et al.'s (1997) contributions. Locke that has been appearing in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling on ethical issues of counseling in the postmodern era. Then, at the American Counseling Association in Pittsburgh, Earl Ginter, Sandra A. Locke joined me and Guterman in continuing this discussion in a symposium, "Ethical Issues in the Postmodern Era" (Ginter, 1996). We have no real choice about this, but we can unconditionally accept ourselves—our so-called essence or being—with our fallibility.With divorce rates for first and second marriages well over 50%, something is clearly missing in our approach to a lasting relationship.

I’m an extroverted woman in a long-term relationship with an introverted man.

The eagerly awaited book: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy by Albert Ellis and Debbie Joffe Ellis, is now available.

This new volume is part of the "Theories of Psychotherapy" series published by APA (American Psychological Association).

Millions of otherwise intelligent, well-adjusted women fall in love and marry men with whom they are truly incompatible.

Authors Elizabeth and Darren George, having each been part of the grim divorce statistics, set out to research the problem and find a way to reduce the risk and improve the chances of success in marriage.

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